I will show you how to make sushi

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I will show you how to make sushi

Gourmet conveyor belt sushi experience

My shop is a revolving sushi mainly made from local fish

Please take a look if you can refer to it.

How to make sushi?!

It's quick and difficult to see on TV,

so I will introduce slowly

There are two gripping styles

  • Vertical turning
  • Side turning

It would be cool to be able to do this

Raw fish should not be too sticky

So let's reduce the number of grips

How to grasp

If you remember this ,you can use it forever!

Of course please practice a lot

Moisten hands

I'll go now

First let's get  your hands wet!

Rice sticks because it is sticky


If you add vinegar in the water, it will become difficult(TEZU)

How to make Japanese rice balls is the same (ONIGIRI)

Beginners should wear vinyl gloves

It takes time to hold with your bare hands

At first you don't have to worry

❶Make a shari boll

We use 16 G in our shop

This is the best when considering the balance between material and shari.

Just hardening  doesn't make it round

Like the arrow

Let's make it round while rotating it lightly

❷Make sushi shape[A(横)と下の部分(土台)を押さえる]

Right-handed people have this shape

Bend your left hand and place the

material in the most recessed area



It looks like this when viewed from the side

This shape is the easiest arrange

Let's be aware of this

I think this place is the easiest to grasp

Add wasabi

Wasabi has a bactericidal effect

It's a raw fish , so it's well thought out

Place to hold

I divided the points to be suppressed

into A and B for easy understanding

Hare is the point


The shape is not beautiful unless A and B is pressed


Here is the point


Next, I will suppress the part where the rice is below

Press lightly , but if you leave the center depressed , it will not roll

This completes the boat shape (Upside down)


Also called  fan-shaped

Vertical turning

It's a difficult task at first

Let's rotate from this state to the front

Please be careful because it will drop


Note here

A little difficult here

Upside down

It became more like nigiri sushi!

As shown in this figure , gently support it with your middle finger to prevent it from falling

Hold B at this time

Then , rotate 180 degrees to the side and shape the other side as well

Here is the point


Press gently from above to familiarize yourself

Here is the point


Align B again to make it beautiful

Here is the point


Finally , press the material and shari together to complete!

At this time, it's more like a craftsman who raises his left hand from bottom to top rather than holding his right hand

Side turning

This is how to roll it sideways

❶and❷ are in the same order

Roll to the right after ❶ and ❷

Don't drop it

Here is the point


Then the story came up

And let's go back to the left

Here is the point


Lightly press and arrange

This is also reversed and the other side is prepared.

I feel good

Here is the point


Finally, lightly press it to make it familiar!

This completes a series of work

If you practice to suppress!

If you grab rice many times , it will stick to your hand.

If you only practice , wrap a wrap with rice

By the way、、、

The first thing I was told was the Vertical turning

Or rather , there was only one person holding it

This way of making sushi made by past sushi chefs

Let's thank the previous generations!


You may be able to do it smoothly , but you can do cool

I wish you success

Thank you for reading this far


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